What’s at the 2017 International Auto Expo?

What’s at the 2017 International Auto Expo?

The 2017 International Auto Expo has many of the same things it did last year. The classic cars are in the Dorton Arena starting Friday, February 17th. Don’t miss items seem to be limited this year, but there are some you may want to check out. It seems the personal dealerships are fading away from the Expo and many show people that tour the circuit are taking over. This provides a less stressful environment for the people attending the 2017 International Auto Expo.

Expo Center

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the Jimmie Johnson car is in the Expo Center. In the very back of this building, you can find the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. If you head down the center of the aisle you will see it facing you under a big screen playing a video. Off to the right is the Chevrolet Camaro in blue with a black matte hood. I like the looks of this blue. Actually, sitting next to this is the Chevrolet Corvette in a bit darker blue.

Toyota has the black 86 you will want to check out in front of the counter. Next, some that may recall the Scion FR-S will recognize this car. Toyota bought Scion completely out and have changed the FR-S a bit. In any case, other than your personal favorites the rest of the lineup didn’t catch my eye. However, I do have a personal favorite from last year, the Buick Cascada. Last year’s beautiful blue colored Cascada looked much pretty than this year’s red with black wheels. Ultimately, I believe the black and red carpet does not help the look of a red car with black wheels.


You can test drive a few vehicles by signing up in the lobby of the Expo Center. Then right next to the Graham building but on the inside the tent this year are the classic police cars.

The Graham Building

Accordingly, the majority of the action is in the Graham building. There are a few booths this year and you might want to check them out.

Win A Hog!

First, the Ray Price tent is holding a raffle again this year to win the Harley- Davidson in this picture or one just like it (I didn’t get clarification but will try and update that tomorrow evening). In the meantime, there is someone at the booth that can answer any questions you may have.

2017 Internation Auto Expo

2017 International Auto Expo

2017 International Auto Expo

They have donated almost 30K to charities, so go ahead and grab a ticket for a chance to win. I believe it is just $10 a ticket. Charities helped out by all the contributions are listed in the next photo. Nothing beats helping the community. I love when people pull together to help others.

2017 International Auto Expo

What’s Newer?

Second, Ford brought the only prototypes in this building that I am aware of. In fact, some have even taken the window stickers off the vehicles to engage the consumers. Strangely enough, this is the way I would know the car was special. In any case, Ford brought three: 2018 silver convertible Mustang, 2018 Ecosport and a 2018 F150.

The Cooler Stuff

Third, supercars you don’t want to miss are in this building. Upon entering and to your (Left of Lexus), you will see Taggart sporting three different vehicles again this year. They are a JEEP Rubicon, 2010 Audi R8, 2011 updated to 2013 Porsche 911 GT3 R.

2017 International Auto Expo

2017 International Auto Expo

Upon entering the Maseratis, Ferraris and Aston Martins await you in the back just off to the right. My favorite of the show without question is the DB11 brought by Foreign Cars Italia

.2017 International Auto Expo

Presently, there seemed to be more room to walk around the vehicles compared to last year. In addition, the pressured sales have been tamed giving a much more pleasant experience. Of course, there will be incentives to get you to the dealership still. For instance, Ford was offering $50 if you promise to test drive a car at a later date.

 Another item that didn’t fit was a driving game in the Ford section with a steering wheel, paddle shifters (can set to auto), seat and a nice big screen in front of you.In conclusion, 2017 International Auto Expo offers the same wide range of vehicles in one place for you to compare aginst others.