Coterie: “Exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose.”

First, the links below may be vehicle-related or people. As a result, I may have met some at a show or some other vehicle event. Strangely enough, the common interest is not vehicles. In fact, it is the drive to create, inspire or build a product or service. In other words, PASSION for what you are pursuing.

Second, most of the people have different objectives to fill. Of course, this requires different needs to help them reach their goals. Velocitaters’ goal is to facilitate between interested consumers (connections) and business or personal growth. Some of the companies or people I feel are deserving are included in this section.

Third, It is not my intention to try and sell any one thing but to expose others to the passion that drives it. In this day and age, many people seem to steal others’ work and call it their own. I find this becoming a common practice. In fact, it is very discouraging for all the people that put in hard work and effort. If you are working against all odds to pursue your passion then I might like to connect with you and help you obtain those goals.

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