Corbitt Preservation Association

      Corbitt Preservation Association

The Corbitt Preservation Association is a group of people with the common interest to preserve the Corbitt name, products, and property.

Corbitt trucks are what Corbitt is most famous for. For a short period of time, Corbitt manufactured buggies and automobiles. R.J. Corbitt went from selling tobacco to building buggies and eventually trucks. Corbitt vehicles were all built in Henderson, North Carolina. There is not a lot of information about the Corbitt buggies and automobiles. However, the Corbitt truck history is being discovered more every day.

Corbitt’s rich history may be unknown unless you grew up near Henderson, N.C. You might drive by the manufacturing buildings that are still there without realizing it. The Corbitt Preservation Association has been restoring the Corbitt advertising monument. There is now a museum that documents the Corbitt’s story. The house donated from Bennett H. Perry Jr. also has a unique biography to it.

Awareness and Membership

Another of the CPA (Corbitt Preservation Association) goals is to help spread awareness of the Corbitt name, property and rich history that is still being discovered. While spreading awareness the CPA has grown in membership. The reasons are obvious to me as a new member. I fell in love with the Corbitt trucks. I decided to become an active member to help spread awareness about Corbitt. One way is by adding a tribe on the new social media site Drivetribe. I encourage you to check out the association. If you feel the same passion, you should also join.

The Corbitt Preservation Association is a member of the Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce. The Corbitt Truck Museum located at 180 Church Street, Henderson, NC is worth visiting if you are in the area.

For more information, please check out the Corbitt Preservation Association Facebook Group and you can inquire when to visit the Corbitt Museum. You may also visit the website at Corbitt Preservation Society.