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Midnightrush Media

If you like Japanese cars Midnightrush Media is the place to see.


First, a little background is in order. I started to search the Internet for what other people were doing with photography on social media and websites. At the time I didn’t find anything besides social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook were among the biggest. I saw an area that was not tapped into and did some more researching in my area to see if I was right. Most people start out posting pictures of cars in this area (North Carolina) on either one or two social media apps.

While I was searching I came across this guy giving reviews on a video game. I thought to myself, “interesting … this guy has something – he has some talent – he can see things.” Most people fizzle out when posting videos, then after move on to something else. Ultimately, I continued my research as this was not in the area I was looking at. Flash forward about 6 to 8 months and I see some photographs that look pretty nice. Better than I could produce. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew I had seen this guy in the gaming video. At this point, I figured we would eventually meet. Of course, that didn’t happen until Feb 2017.

We were both taking pictures of the same car. As soon as I started talking to him and he mentioned Midnightrush Media I realized whom it was.

Midnightrush Media

It all starts here – with Interest

When I spoke with Hoang he stated his interest is in shooting mostly Japanese cars. I will try to get with him about what that exactly means. It seems to me he has a very specific type of look beyond the normal JDM culture. What do I know, though? I started this website out of my interest in learning. At least it is obvious to me, Hoang has a lot of passion for photography, videography and Japanese cars. Midnightrush Media also covers events in the surrounding areas.

Hoang’s presence has grown from when I first saw his gaming review. I look forward to seeing what he will turn this all into. You may know him from Hoang’s Cave, which still receives additional content on Facebook and YouTube. If you are looking for strictly photographs then you will want to check out his Flickr page.

If you want to keep up with Hoang’s most current stuff, I would suggest you hit the Midnightrush Media Facebook page, Instagram or his newly launched midnightrush.media website.