Watch the Elio make easy work of the snow! – YouTube

Watch the Elio make easy work of the snow!

Or so it would be believed. just take a look at the most recent comments under this video, which seem to tear apart the fact that it doesn’t show the Elio driving around hard corners. The one main problem I see is most people are expecting a prototype to work perfectly. many of these articles written make me wonder if anyone has ever tried to create something. It is very easy to point a finger and tell someone they are doing something wrong. It is another story to go out and create something better. I am not saying Elio doesn’t deserve any criticism I just not sure the criticism needs to be on every detail of the vehicle. Now watch the video and think about what must have happened to take place to make that vehicle.


Original post on Velocitaters Nov 6, 2015

Source: Youtube – Elio Motors


Some valid concerns are raised from people questioning whether it will happen since they invested years ago. Unfortunately, there is yet another delay; this time until 2018. The constant delays become like somone crying wolf, no one really cares anymore what the troubles are they just want things to be done. In an interview on CNBC Paul Elio (Elio Motors reinvents the car Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016 | 1:47PM ET) answers some questions in general, but I suspect this won’t be enough of an answer for most that have already invested.


The delays come from regulations, money and I am sure a ton of beaurocratic B.S. There also was probably a miscalculation to the extent of financial burden this was going to end up costing. Imagine trying to take on the big car companies of today and offer something different. I have a lot of respect for anyone going after their dream even if it seems unreal.


The fact is this guy didn’t steal people’s money and go to Beliz. He spent it trying to accomplish the very thing he went out to do. Even after all the things that have gone wrong, Paul Elio is still trying to struggle through it. Don’t get me wrong he has a huge mountain to climb, but I for one hopes he accomplishes it, if nothing more to just shove it in the face of everyone that complained sitting behind their computers not accomplishing anything in life.


The Odds Against

I would like to remind people of the Tucker 48.  Preston Tucker ended up making just under 50 of the Tucker 48 car (the prototype was called the torpedo). The company failed to make a profit most likely sure to financial and legal problems which led to not being able to mass produce the car. Seatbelts may be standard nw, but back then peopele critisied Preston Tucker fo putting them in his car. I am not putting the Elio in that category at all, but the creators I can. Both have risked it all to try and make their dreams come true. The Elio has different challenges and probably a much harder burden then Preston Tucker did. All of that can be up for debate. However it falls this is one person that hopes he makes his dreams come true.